Monday, September 7, 2009

Ask NOT what your blog can do for you

I have been a member of for a year and I did get in touch with some nice people, photographers and models from all over the place but I started to get the impression that this is not enough, then I have watched a seminar organized by Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai on April 09 titled "Making the Web Work for You" and David Hobby, David Nightingale and Chase Jarvis were talking in this seminar about their experience with using the web and how it affected their lives on professional level and how much they gained not by advertising themselves but by putting their experience out there to people who are interested to learn more about the art of photography and giving people the knowledge they have acquired over the years and sometimes share the difficulties they face either on a professional or technical level.

A good example is the world famous photographer Joe McNally who is to me is the Frank Sinatra in the photography world. He believes that there are no secrets in photography or mysteries to be solved as he described once in one of his seminars "it is about keeping your head in the game" which means that once you comprehend and apply the basic principles in photography the only limit is to how to apply the those principles creatively and in new ways.

To get hold of this video, go to Chase Jarvis blog and search for the seminar title above. Or, if you are an iTuner, look for Chase Jarvis podcast and download this seminar.

I have been learning photography for the past 5 years, I have read over 14 books about photography and over two dozens magazines on photography techniques and equipment and I am still reading whatever I can get my hands on. Therefore, I have decided to challenge myself and help other fellow photographers by answering any question they might have related to photography techniques to the best of my ability. However I must be clear about the following:
  1. I do this for free and if you don't think my answers are 100% scientifically correct or not complete, well, at least you don't have to wait for a refund cheque. However, if I could not answer your question, I am welling to try to solve your question on practical bases and share with you all what I have come up with.
  2. I am not a post production guy because I like to "make" the picture the way I would like the viewer to see it with minimum tweaking. so for those who are into Photoshop, Sorry guys!
  3. Finally, I must say that I don't know where this will take me or how this "experiment" will turn out but at least it is better than just doing nothing for another year.
So, until then I will be standing by for your questions.


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