Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camera Fogging Problem

To this day I still find photographers who just bought their first DSLRs and when they go outdoors to take a picture of a lovely sunset their cameras can't see anything but fog which is a common problem for photographers who live in this area were humidity sometimes reach ridiculous levels and most of them don't know how to work arround this problem as they feel that they just can't go out anytime they want and shoot some pictures. I was one of them.

Back then I bought my first SLR which was a brand new D80 which I still use it as a backup. When I first encountered this problem I tried to look for a solution in the owners manual and then with the local dealer thinking that they sales people might give me the solution, then I went online at that time but again no luck, then I have decided to ask "the mother ship" Nikon but they forwarded my enquiry back to their UAE agents and below is their response:

 Response (Nikon UAE Tech Support) 01/08/2007 01.17 PM

"Dear Mr.Fadi,

Thank you for contacting Nikon Asia Technical Support. Your case has been forwarded to us.We will assist you from here.

Reference to your mail with regards to your Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera the problem that you specified with regards to the high humidity currently we are not able to provide you any solution for the same, moreover we would like into this matter and see if there can be any solution for the same in the future.

Thank you once again for your support on Nikon Products. We hope that we have addressed your concerns.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

With regards,
Nikon Technical Support Agent"

Talking about going straight to the source!

Anyway here is the solution:
If you keep your DSLR in an air-conditioned room like most of us do, you need to plan when you will go out and take pictures (say around sunset) and then you either bring your camera into warmer place like your balconey (in shadowed area of course) with the camera bag halfway opend to allow warm air to reach the camera and keep it there for about an hour or may be less depending on the humidity level out there right before you go out shooting. What I do is the day I plan to go out and take pictures I put the camera with the camera bag halfway opend in the trunk of my car about half an hour before going out. The trick is to give the body of the camera (and the lenses too) a chance to get to warm temperature for a while before you star shooting, and that's it!

Until next time, keep making pictures.


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