Saturday, September 12, 2009

My First Workshop with Joe McNally

I still remember my first photography workshop with Joe like it was yesterday, is was April 1 this year in Dubai when our group went out on location with Joe and spent a great afternoon photographing hip hop and ballet dancers. Observing Joe at work to me was a priceless experience and I could not help not to see a bottle of Advil sitting beside him while he was taking that group photo of young hip hop dancers published on his blog later on.

Being 29 and having arthritis is a downer but photography makes me forget all about the pain while kneeling on the concrete floor to get that good angle but most importantly Joe’s way in dealing with pain is a true source of inspiration and power to continue what I love to do as on that same day when I fractured my ankle while stepping down from the bus that took us back from the location I saw another side of Joe who quickly poured some water on his hands and rubbed my ears to wake me up as I fainted for a moment and he stayed with me until the ambulance came and took me. He was caring and did what he could to ease the pain I felt that moment. I was extremely embarrassed but at the same time very high spirited because I went on location for a day with Joe McNally.

At one moment I thought this is it, I can’t continue the workshop and despite the doctor’s order to stay in bed for a week the next morning I found myself leaving home early without my gear except for the camera hanging on my neck. My foot was in a cast I was walking on crutches and took a taxi to Joe’s workshop which was in another city from where I live. I was sweating buckets for every few meters I walk but I made it to the workshop that day.

Truth must be said that if it was not for Joe’s words and his spirit I would not even consider leaving home the following day.

Joe did not just taught me photography but also perseverance and to face bad luck and bad bones with a smile and a camera in hand.

God bless you Joe.

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  1. Nice post, both here and on Joe's comments section. Looks like you've just started the blog. Good luck with it.


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